Platform Workflow

  • Plan

    Preparation is key. Plan your campaign and be prepared to be creating to compelling story to attract donors.

  • Sign Up

    Go through the registration process, accept T&C's and privacy policies.

  • Create

    Create the campaign and provide clarity and transparency and submit relevant documents.

  • Onboarding

    This is where we verify and perform due diligence. Once KYC and AML checks are performed, the campaign is approved and given a risk score.

  • Go Live

    Campaign goes live and published to the public with the defined set of conditions such as time limit, progress milestones.

  • Mentor

    SADAQAH will assign a mentor for most needy campaigns and support in ensuring targets are achieved.

  • Promote

    Post, share and spread the message through social media plugins and print-outs with QR codes for distribution.

  • Crowdfund

    Donors will support causes through micro-payment and donate for the campaign through the platform.

  • Finish Line

    Campaign ends and a de-brief happens between SADAQAH assigned ambassador and campaigner - usually over a video call.

  • Agreement

    Written terms of service agreement is created and signed by all parties. This is a Qadar Al Hassan contract.

  • Credibility

    Campaigners are given a credibility score based on successful execution of not only campaigns but targets and objectives being achieved to help their Sadaqah social profile.

  • Progress

    Campaigners are required to post the progress of the achievements of the campaign along with objectives being achieved to promote transparency to the donors.

  • Funds Reference

    The funds are released to the campaigners designated bank account in fully or partially based on milestones and progress through an escrow.

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